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Multi-Match Memory Game


Matching game with 72 tiles and 3 challenging ways to play

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Our Multi-Match Memory Game puts a new twist on a classic children’s matching game. With 3 ways to play, players race one another in search of the matching tiles. As the game progresses, new tiles are revealed and new opportunities appear to create matches. The player who collects the most matching tiles wins the game!

This matching game is a great way for children to develop their cognitive and communication skills. Players are challenged to recall patterns and think strategically as they hunt for their next match. Along the way, they get to experience satisfaction, joy and a healthy sense of competition.

We have designed this game to stand up to heavy use by children while also being attractive and cheerful in appearance. The 24 cute designs in this set are grouped into places, animals, plants, and forces of nature, each of which are marked with their own distinctive background colors. The thick paper-based board material we have selected for the tiles, along with the non-toxic inks and protective coatings used in the printing process, ensure the game will hold up well for a long time to repeated use by children with inquisitive hands.

What's in the box


72 matching tiles and 3 rules tiles

Each matching tile is thick and sturdy, and has been specially coated to withstand repeated handling. The front of each tile features one of 24 designs, grouped into places, animals, plants, and forces of nature. The backs of all tiles depict the same colorful dot pattern.

The three square rules tiles explain the three ways in which the matching tiles can be used, using 48 matching tiles in the case of the Pairs game, and all 72 tiles in the Colors and Trios games. You can choose the difficulty level that is right for you. Hunt for two-of-a-kind in Pairs, which is the classic style of play. Then increase the challenge with Colors by seeking out three tiles in the same color group. And finally, tackle the hardest test by capturing three-of-a-kind in the Trios game.

Box dimensions

17.5 x 6 x 6 cm

We have made a strong and durable box that neatly holds the tiles and slips easily into a bag or backpack so that you can enjoy matching fun on the go.

Other details

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