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On a mission to have fun!

Equator Games designs and publishes games, puzzles, toys and accessories. We strive to create fun and stimulating games and activities that draw people together in the spirit of friendly competition and shared achievement.

Our priorities


From the birth of an idea to its transformation into a final product, we make every effort to ensure that our games and puzzles excel in playability, beauty and craftsmanship. This starts with giving maximum attention at the start of product development to originality. Our goal at this stage is to create concepts that stand out from the crowd in both form and function, and promise unique playing experiences.

Committed to quality

We believe that games and puzzles ought to be made with just as much care and attention as any other goods we count on to enrich our daily lives. If they have the power to spark fun and promote relaxation, then they deserve to be made with excellence. Likewise, we believe that our customers deserve high-quality products that play well, look great and stand up to repeated use.

Throughout the production process we focus on using the best raw materials available, harnessing the most precision-oriented printing and finishing tools, and subjecting each one of our games and puzzles to stringent quality control measures.

Made in India, for the world

Equator Games was founded in India, and we are proud to develop and produce our products in a country whose board gaming legacy is long and storied. Like our namesake, the equator that spans the globe, we seek to bring our products and experiences to gaming enthusiasts all across our beautiful planet.

Staying connected

We are headquartered in Bangalore, India. Please feel free to reach out at