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Drishti Mane Puzzle


500-piece puzzle in our Drishti Gombe series featuring dozens of brightly colored drishti gombes

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In this cheerful and intricate 500-piece puzzle dozens of brightly colored drishti gombes float lazily beside a vivid green wall, their shadows dancing behind them. This is their “mane” (pronounced “māne”), or home. Far from the hot sun and driving rain of reality, these drishti gombes are free to drift calmly amidst their own kind in a serene void. The day will come when each is called to take their place and keep watch for unfriendly spirits. But until then, they dwell here.

The drishti gombe is a common sight across South India. You can find them perched on ledges, or hanging high overhead on the sides of houses and shops. With its bright colors, toothy grin and piercing eyes, the drishti gombe is placed in prominent view over its surroundings to ward off evil spirits and chase away bad energy.

This puzzle is one of a three-part series that also includes the Drishti Gombe and Drishti Chakra designs.


Puzzle details

Number of pieces: 500

Completed size: 57 x 42 cm

Box dimensions

25 x 25 x 5 cm